CSF’s – Strengths/Threats

The one and only John reporting in. I will be discussing the critical success factors for PYB, more specifically strength’s and threats.

1. Previously mentioned by Ben, Protect Your Bubble has strong marketing campaigns. Through this they have created a recognisable character and a name that would surface in day to day conversations that is insurance related. However, Gareth pointed out that PYB are not strong in their international sales, a big cause is the recession, with this being said, improvement to increase their international sales would be a big focus.

Therefore, a strategy for PYB could be to establish a marketing campaign that would appeal to consumers outside of the UK. As many people are still feeling the aftermath of the recession, a main focus of the campaign is offer discounts to new customers using their services. Also, if they can mirror the success they’ve had in the UK. They can establish a recognisable brand worldwide which may see them as a market leader in other types of insurances in the future.

2. A strength that has been discussed is that PYB are a very profitable company with their gadget insurance and that they are expanding with new services into different types of insurances. BUT! Comparison sites make it difficult for PYB to expand as they show reviews and prices of all companies which may harm reputation and make people go for the cheapest instead of the best.

A strategy for PYB could be to make their relationship marketing stronger. This means that instead of pushing for sales by possibly offering cheaper insurance to compete, they could make customers feel valued by using their services. This could be accomplished by offering deals on multiple services, emails to existing customers about their other services to intrigue them. Therefore, word of mouth would increase their reputation as a company that values their customers which would attract new customers.

Until next time…

John Robinson

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Critical Success Factors- Strengths/Opportunities (SO)

This section will be focusing on how PYB strengths as mentioned by Ben, can impact on John’s opportunities. 

1. Firstly you have the opportunity of expanding product range in terms of insurance. As John mentions they are moving into home, travel and Pet insurance which are new and untested markets for their brand. This can potentially be a way of diversifying the company and therefore spreading risk, allowing long term growth. This links in with being market leader in the UK (their main market) for gadget insurance. This cash cow of a niche gives the money to invest into new products mentioned above.

The strategy therefore would be to establishing a project plan, with inputs and output measured to see if the business will make a good enough return vs the risk, and calculate opportunity cost  of investing resources into new markets over established market as it can attract competition.

2. The other opportunity is internal restructuring, as John mentions the parent company Assurant Solutions has cut employee benefits to maintain profit in the recession when claims are high and new customers are lower. This will have been passed down to PYB through less funding for expansion and potentially a order to cut employee wages/benefits to ensure PYB is not making a loss and therefore being a drain on the parent. The actual opportunity is improving market conditions for the company so can improve wages and benefits again. This links in with the strength of the business through lack of strong competition in their niche allowing them to focus on revenue maximizing through their USP’s and not lose market share to firms which rely on price to attract customers and not other factors.

The strategy would be to raise employee non-pay related benefits which while a variable cost on output should lead to higher quality customer service as they feel more rewarded and valued within the firm, allowing the organisation to function more productivity and might result in higher profit as a result.

3. The last major opportunity is economic of scale, due to high level of deals and discount available to consumers, due to parent company support and financial injections the company was able to compete on price within the niche allowing them to gain market share. However due to the strength of marketing making PYB a nationally recognized brand in the UK they now actually don’t require price to attract customers as they are now seen to be trusted and reliable, at least in comparison to their competition. 

The strategy for this opportunity would be to maximize value for money of their powerful marketing and reflect this through segmentation within their gadget insurance niche to keep deals for majority of consumers but also a “Business class” or “Premium” insurance level for gadgets allowing them to maximize revenue without sacrificing their market share. 



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Critical Success Factors- Threats/Weakness (TW)-Josh Potter

“Critical success factors are those few things that must go well to ensure success for a manager or an organization, and, therefore, they represent those managerial or enterprise area, that must be given special and continual attention to bring about high performance. CSFs include issues vital to an organization’s current operating activities and to its future success.” (Boynlon et al, 1984)

  1. The planned legal changes by the introduction of “The Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representation) Act 2012, in the early part of the 2nd quarter of 2013. This coupled with the relatively small scale of PYB this change could be a large cost to the business, especially if the online form filling in process is more extensive. This would result in an increased processing cost and could possible discourage other customers from handing over extensive quantities of information. The planned action that PYB should undertake is to find ways of minimising the impact to the customer, while updating its systems to make use of the possible increase in customer information.
  2. The fall out in public relations from the personal protection insurance disaster within the financial sector. While there has been a negative affect on the insurance industry as a whole PYB has largely escaped the worst of this consumer lash back it will probably have to spend more in the future on advertising to remain competitive. PYB’s small size could harm its reactive ability to competitors’ aggressive marketing techniques.
  3.  Protect Your Bubble is relatively geographically limited to developed countries mainly within Western Europe which has left it open to the global turn down. By expanding into developing markets, such as the BRIC economies PYB would be better protected against recession. Coupling this with expansion into different types of insurance beyond gadget, home, pet and travel insurance, further shielding PYB from economics shifts.


Boynlon, A.C., and Zmud, R.W. 1984. “An Assessment of Critical Success Factors,” Sloan Management Review (25:4), pp. 17-27

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Protect Your Bubble TOWS-Weakness-Josh


  1. Only trading on the online market- this might not necessarily be a weakness, however this allows PYB to only access customers in one way even though they advertise elsewhere.
  2. Competition online for insurance is great, which will continue to grow as more customers go online to look for competitive insurance quotes. This means that PYB will constantly be fighting against competition as the barriers to entry into the gadget insurance market for other insurance companies are almost non-existent.
  3. Comparison sites are a growing customer tool used to find the best prices, if your company’s product is near the top a large amount of customers will purchase your product. While Protect Your Bubble ranks in the top 10 for pet insurance and first for gadget insurance it does not rank highly for travel or home insurance, which is a weakness within those sectors.
  4. Coming top of Google Adwords on a Google search for the type of insurance is almost as important as being in the top 10 for comparison sites. Customers rarely look past the first page on any web search therefore as a marketing tool Protect Your Bubble, while PYB comes a long way down on travel and home insurance.
  5. An e-commerce websites are not as personal as high street insurance brokers, such as A-plan. While this is becoming less of a weakness as more customers look online for the best quote, however elderly customers may still continue to use high street insurance brokers.
  6. Online websites have some different security issues to that of a traditional business, especially around customer information. The nature of the insurance business means that a large amount of personal information needs to be held by the insurer about its customers, banking details or personal health details needing being the most secure. This would be a
  7. The narrow customer focus is a weakness for protect your bubble as it relies on a small sector of the insurance market. PYB has branched out of the gadget insurance market with some success within pet insurance market, however it still remains to exposed to market shifts as it has not diversified.
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Ben Tocknell – CSF’s – Weaknesses/Opportunities

Hi everyone,

I will now be explaining the critical Success Factors in terms of how weaknesses (Josh’s post) and Opportunities (John’s post) link and impact one another.

1. The first opportunity that was discussed was the chance to expand its product range and offer different insurances such as pets, and home insurance, which would then, if successful, open up new target markets, and therefore increase revenue and profits. However, this can be linked to one of Josh’s weaknesses of PYB whereby there is a wide range of competitors in insurance and there may be different barriers to entry into the different insurance markets. Therefore, making it more difficult for PYB to move into new markets becuase of the established companies such as Direct line and confused.com, in the UK.

A strategy would be for PYB to conduct thorough market research into the different insurance markets eg. pets, home and vehicle, and establish possible gaps in the market. They will need to take there time in preparing and planning if they were to take advantage of this opportunity as there is high risk so things to consider are:

1. What would be a USP? 2. is there room in the market? 3. size of the market 4. growth potential of PYB

If the do all this properly and thoroughly and find a particular market to expand into, then they must be prepared for failure and plan accordingly.

2. Secondly, the opportunity of attracting better employees through offering reward schemes, bonuses and incentives. This opportunity would therefore benefit PYB as they would have more motivated workers and more knowledgeable/intelligent staff. I believe that this opportunity would actually have a positive impact on the weakness of PYB needing to retain customers information and effecting customers security because if the employees are happier this would come across with queries from customers about this issue, and hopefully the customer would therefore be more confident with dealing with PYB because of the improved customer service.

A strategy to make sure the opportunity benefits this weakness is by possibly putting in place a live chat system or offering employees an incentive such as a bonus for every customer they convince that working with PYB would be the right move.

3. Finally, the weakness of not being at the top of ranks on comparison websites is a big issue but over time more and more customers will be able to see what PYB are offering and see that what they offer in terms of price and offers is better than the competition and over time PYB will go higher and higher up on the rankings of comparison websites. If this is therefore linked to the opportunity of PYB offering offers and discounts they will, over time, be more well known and people we recognise the benefits of moving to PYB.

Therefore, the strategy that I propose is to MARKET/ADVERTISE MORE. PYB need to make sure the public/customers know about what they offer. They need to make sure they are the cheapest on the market for different insurances pets and home eg. so they have a strong USP. the main strategy is to retain the customers by using incentives such as the 15% for multiple device insurance. Finally, they could look into offering discounts for customers if they use PYB for pet, home and gadget as this offers a discount if they use PYB for all the different insurances!

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Ben Tocknell – TOWS Analysis – Strengths



1. Market leader in the Uk for gadget insurance – this is a strength because they have the reputation for offering affordable contemporary insurance in the gadget insurance sector meaning that they are t the forefront of new customers. They hold the resets market share.

2. Lack of strong competition in gadget insurance – as there is a lack of strong comp PYB can concentrate on moving into new categories or insurance and start expanding the company, possibly something that has been discussed in opportunities

3. Profitable and expanding – Unlike other insurance companies PYB has grown through the global recession meaning that they have the funds to expand properly into new markets and take advantage of the opportunities that are being discussed by John in another post e.g. Other insurance categories or increasing market share in gadget sector.

4. Strong marketing campaigns – as a specialist insurer for modern tech it is/was vital PYB had a strong marketing campaign to portray a strong contemp image, and this is exactly what thy did.
Why a strength?

– people recognise the name
– people remember the catchy song on tv ads
– people relate the company to customer friendly
– people remember the characters

All contributing to increasing the amount of customers and making sure that when people think insurance they think PYB.

Although josh did explain in the weaknesses that PYB are ranked low on other categories, they are first for any search relating to gadget insurance and specialise also in google Adwords meaning that in nearly all cases PYB will be seen first by the interested customer.

5. Have a huge parent company – assurant solutions is the parent company for PYB and this is a strength because if the company wanted to expand a particular area of the company they have the internal funds to do so effectively and quickly. They can also rely on the parent company of they were losing money! Also the parent company is a global company with many big brands in insurance so expanding into new areas will be easier with funding, expertise and techniques all found in assurant solutions

6. As a website based company costs are kept to a min as hey don’t have ,high street premises costs, high sales team costs, also by being online it is convenient for the customers as they can et insurance quickly and easily while in there on home instead of having to go to the high street.

7. For the service they offer the price they charge is competitive and affordable meaning that mot people that need gadget insurance come to them as they are the most well known and don’t charge silly prices.

Thanks Ben

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TOWS Analysis -Threats

Hello there, 

I will be discussing the threats that may occur for PYB.

I will make a short list and choose my three key ones which I think will be the most important, which will lead to more important critical success factors (CSF)

Firstly you have the changing legal situation of being an insurance company. 

As Josh mentioned in legal there is upcoming implementation of the “The consumer Insurance (Discolsure and Representations) Act 2012”. This is a threat to PYB current organisational structure and costing. Due to them priding themselves on their current position in the market niche for gadget insurance this has to be adapted to  suit the new laws, which will otherwise lead to fines and lawsuits. 

Another threat could be the growing weakness of their domestic and current international  presence. This in short is the ever-lasting recession which has affected lots of their consumers and potential consumers. As they focus on gadget insurance they mostly sell to Western’s who have an expensive gadget such as laptops, phone, tablet ect which as mentioned by Ben, it facing declining real growth in disposable income leading to less luxury good purchases which require insurance. This is due to the nature of insurance which is derived demand, it is demanded due to consumption of another good, for example transport. 

Another threat is the PPI scandal, while not directly affecting PYB profits or revenues, it has lead to insurance and banks and other financial services to be viewed by the media and consumers to be manipulative and liars. This in short as mentioned in Josh’s will lead to a general decline in brand power in insurance as it’s not seen as just a single financial company that manipulated the system but lots of them which will require greater advertising or PR to break away from this negative image which will eventually or already has affected profits and revenues. 

Another threat could be ratings on comparison sites. Due to the unpredictable nature of comparison sites and lack of control by PYB or other online companies of the reviews and the comments this could lead to negative feedback being directly in the face of potential customers such as users of moneysupermarket.com Overall this can be also lead to price being seen as only determinant of choosing a insurance company, which while good for PYB in gadgets could lead to them losing market share in unfamiliar markets such as home insurance. 


In conclusion my 3 threats that i think will be the most relevant and also crucial to the business are: Changing Laws, PPI scandal and growing weakness of their markets in terms of derived demand.

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